Raymi the Artist – Que Pasa

According to the saying “well behaved women seldom make history.” So that must mean bad bitches make headlines. If we’re judging by Raymi the Artist, that’s undoubtedly true. Over the weekend, Raymi sent the internet into a uproar with the release of her EP Que Pasa.

Que Pasa is the perfect introduction to women’s history month. Comprised of three bad bitch anthems, Que Pasa is just a peak at what Raymi the Artist has in store for fans in 2023.

The project opens with “Act Like.” A reminder that Raymi knows exactly who she is and everyone else does too. In just under two minutes Raymi established lyrical superiority and the fact that she is exactly who she says she is.

“Bust Back” reinforces the notion that it is not only acceptable but often necessary to correct those who try to play with you. Uptempo and catchy “Bust Back” feels like motivation to get in your bag and stay there.

“Psycho” is the final track on the EP and is a proclamation that Raymi the Artist knows who she is and what she’s capable and that’s exactly what you’ll get when you see her.

In total, Que Pasa is about seven minutes long. Though it is short, it put Raymi’s artistry on full display. Listen to Que Pasa:


6th Annual Basketball Giveway

“Brought the city out” is a phrase performers use and sometimes abuse when they’ve had a successful event. However the use of any other phrase would disrespectful when discussing Sunny Woodz and Sincere’s 6th Annual Basketball Giveaway.

On Saturday, February 3, the basketball court at the Max McCook Athletic & Exposition Center was reduced to standing room only when people from all over the Chicagoland area came to see the blue team defeat the red time. A game that has been historically populated by performers and producers took on new life as Chicago based entertainers from every discipline joined to make it the most successful basketball giveaway to date.

To call the team rosters a list of who’s who of Chicago’s talent would be an understatement. Though anyone familiar with the event would expect noting less. Mikey Dollaz, New Ara, Cool Ass Ice, Chimeka, Ahmad N Ferguson, El Hitta, and Lucien Cambric were among the players. The referees, cheerleaders and coaches were all familiar faces including Money Maha, Queen Envi, Baja Banks and Big Daddy Deja. Briah Banks was on the score board, Sincere shared announcer duties with Bree Specific and LilJonStopIt provided the vibe. Even the audience was star studded and the icing on the cake was undoubtedly all of the kids.

In a city were violence plagues the news and mainstream media would have the world to believe no one is safe, this event went exactly to plan. Not only was the game fun for the players and spectators, there were no incidents, arguments or fights.

A round of applause is certainly in order for the organizers for bringing the city out for a positive, constructive, and entertaining event.

New Ara is Outside

According to the Gregorian calendar the new year started three weeks ago. However, New Ara’s year started on January 17, when he debuted his latest visual “Outside.”

Winter and cold weather have so many connotations but in the Chicagoland area, people expect it to get cold and a little weather certainly won’t real ones inside. New Ara doubles down on that concept with “Outside” his first release of 2023.

Colorful and creative, “Outside” is fairly indicative of New Ara’s personality. Short and sweet, “Outside” is less than two minutes long, but it certainly accomplishes what it needs to.

Catch New Ara outside Saturday, February 4 at Sunny Woodz’s 6th Annual Basketball Giveaway. In the meantime watch “Outside” here:

Lil’ Blessin’s Party at the Likka Sto

January 13, Lil’ Blessin turned Subterranean into a likko sto and threw a party in it.

Everyone knows the solution to keeping warm when you’re going out in the winter is shots. Last night the shots where in full affect at Sub T, when Lil Blessin’s fans and some of Chicago’s elite poured in to attend Lil’ Blessin’s Party at the Likka Sto.

The Westside native has been making waves for years but “Likka Sto,” his biggest hit to date is providing a wave that not only he can ride, but other artists as well. Indicative of his success was the all-star line up of acts who the took the stage before Blessin, including Bunny Liiu, OG Stevo, and 100 Flex.

As if the show wasn’t star studded enough the audience was populated by some of the cities most notable names including Chimeka and Don’t Do Coke TV, Sunny Woodz, Panamera P, Power 92.3 radio personality Bree Specific, King Pinrue and a host of others.

Anyone who wasn’t at Subterranean, missed a hell of a party.

Chloé is a Pretty Thug

After waiting what seemed like a lifetime Chloé finally blessed fans with the visual to “Pretty Thug”.

Far too short, but an anthem in its own right, “Pretty Thug” is theme music for every woman who is both beautiful and about that life.

The visual while equally as abbreviated, leaves nothing to be desired and co-stars everyone’s favorite internet niece who lives up to her name: Rhiot.

Rapcrush Throws an ABC Party

If there are any two artists who know how to have a good time, inevitably it’s Rapcrush and YDot GDot. So it only makes sense that when the “Body Goals” rapper linked up with Chicago’s Favorite Nerd the result sounds like a good time. Though short “ABC Party” is exactly what one would expect from the pair.

Almost reminiscent of the party sound that made YDot a party legend, to say “ABC Party” is fun would be an understatement. While the sound may be familiar, make no mistake Rapcrush is the star of this show. Rapcrush laced the party girl vibe with a smooth flow and result is magic.

So for all the girls who dance in the mirror while getting ready to go out, thank Rapcrush for providing the vibe well in advance of summer.

Sunny Woodz’s 5th Annual Celebrity Basketball Game

It’s a delicate situation to bring creatives from all over the city together for one cause. Sunny Woodz and Sincere obviously have the Midas touch when it comes to bringing the city out, as last week they successfully executed their fifth annual celebrity basketball game.

On Saturday, April 2nd, creatives from all over the Chicagoland area descended on the McCook Athletic and Exposition Center for a fun filled, family event. Sincere provided the cometary, World Famous DJ Shon created the vibe, and Sunny Woodz played, coached and did a little bit of everything else. The team rosters were a list of who’s who, including Chimeka, Mikey Dollaz, New Ara, and OG Stevo. The “official” coaches were Twista, Bo Deal, and Dj Milticket. While the crowd was mostly families, even some of spectators are verified on Instagram, including Korporate.

In what was probably the most competitive free basketball game ever, the creatives quickly reminded the city that their choice to make music was not fueled by a lack of athleticism. Though they battled fiercely, the black team couldn’t hold the white team and for the first time, lost.

While both teams couldn’t win, the city certainly did by having yet another positive event. Sincere said “I just want to see the city have fun. No violence, great vibes, and build with my people and promote everyday life essentials health care, self care through Aduways.”

While taking a moment to enjoy what he orchestrated, Sunny Woodz expressed his gratitude for everyone who came to the game and that everyone had a great time.

Miracle DaGod – I Ain’t Forget

Few things in life feel better than fighting and winning. There’s something very specific about the success that comes after grinding relentlessly. Despite the amazing feeling one gets from the success at times it feels impossible to forget the struggles, strife, and naysayers one has encountered on their journey, just ask Miracle DaGod. His latest single “I Ain’t Forget” is a testament to just that.

“I Ain’t Forget” is a product of Miracle DaGod’s 2021 release What They Didn’t Tell You and perhaps it just might be the most relatable song ever. Miracle DaGod teamed up with Loony Smokez to put the world on notice that everyone and everything that was adverse to his journey to success is not to be forgotten. Possibly a warning for those who weren’t as they should have been or maybe motivation for those currently struggling, either way “I Ain’t Forget” is a song the world needs.

While simple in nature the visual leaves nothing to be desired. It features video clips of performances passed, giving new fans a glimpse at where Miracle DaGod came from and giving day ones a reminder of just how long they’ve been with him. The visual progresses to show Miracle and Loony Smokez jewelry clad performing in front of expensive cars and a mural of one of hip-hops most iconic duos ever: Outkast.

Descriptions of art often do them no justice. See “I Ain’t Forget” here:

Air Max Day Chicago

Last night, sneaker enthusiasts from across the Chicagoland gathered at Foot Looker on State Street to celebrate 35 years of Air Max in the most Chicago way possible.

The event curated by Foot Locker Chicago’s marketing manger Mike Charles quickly filled with invitees to take part in the destinies before Mike sat down with two of Chicago’s most notable sneaker influencers Oluwaseyi “Sam” Adeleke, creator of “Prgssn” and Lauren “Boobie D” Dyson for a panel on sneaker culture.

Polaroid pictures, a shoelace customization station and Harold’s Chicken were only a portion of the festivities. Air Max based trivia, displays, and gifts also contributed to a night sneaker lovers won’t soon forget.

Customizable Air Max Day t-shirts and Foot Locker folding chairs may have very well been the icing on the cake for the function. As if Foot Locker Chicago didn’t do enough to create an unforgettable evening, the unlimited photo ops and on-site photography ensured that this celebration will live on long Air Max Day comes to an end.

What They Didn’t Tell You About Miracle DaGod

Over the weekend, Chicago based artist Miracle DaGod took some time to celebrate creativity, community, and family with a photoshoot.

It’s no secret that Miracle DaGod has a style all his own both musically and fashion wise. During his photoshoot, Miracle DaGod took some time to discuss how he is committed to living in his art. From what he listens to and how he dresses to how he gives back to his community Miracle DaGod is led by his convictions to stay true to himself.

Though led by his truth, Miracle DaGod admits sometimes the balancing act of being a creative, a family man and an activist can be taskful. Noting that his primary job is to support and finance whatever endeavors his daughter undertakes, Miracle said he sometimes feels compelled to do more than he can for his family and community. While he feels there’s more to be done Miracle undoubtedly plays his part, organizing his holiday drive “Miracles on 55th St” for the second year in 2021 and looking forward to a third year drive in the 2022 holiday season.

Miracle DaGod and his daughter

Family, fashion, and community play a major part in Miracle DaGod’s life and contribute to his music. His 2021 release What They Didn’t Tell You was a 20 minute look into the musical mind of what could very well be described as a creative genius. Miracle utilized a variety of flows to illustrate a wide range of scenarios creating what sounds more like a soundtrack than a mixtape. His vocal animation and unmatched energy lend themselves well to uptempo tracks like “WYA” and “Mood” featuring Nova Gholar. And those tracks are an all too appropriate balance to laidback tracks like “What I Want.” Visuals are in the works for tracks from What They Didn’t Tell You.

As Miracle prepares for the summer release of his next mixtape he’s committed to delivering a masterpiece of his own. The project was inspired by his love for art and assures fans that the art will certainly popover into the music. Though, the primary installment of the mixtape series won’t be available til summer, Miracle DaGod said the single is coming soon.

Miracle DaGod with Loony Smokez