Don Perrion: Find Him in Chicago

imageOutspoken and definitely opinionated, Westside native Don Perrion is tattooing is name across Chicago’s music scene. With his story-tellers’ style and smokers’ vibe Don has made a name for himself, appearing on more than 100 blogs, music sites and documentaries. His latest effort “Lost in Chicago” is his self-proclaimed “best song to date”.

Produced by another Chicago native, Billionaire BoyScout and featuring Yung Duda G, Lost in Chicago depicts the violence and educational issues in the city through Don’s eyes. Admitting on the record that he is the product of a single parent home, he relates to the struggles of much of Chicago’s inner-city youth.

The single has been featured on several mixtapes including “Chicago-Soundtrack of the City”, “New Chicago” and “Honor the Citi”. Don also hopes to have it appear on the soundtrack for the upcoming Spike Lee film “Chiraq”.

Keep up with Don Perrion by following him on Instagram and Twitter: @Itsdonperrion and check out “Lost in Chicago” below:

Lost in Chicago

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