Dotty Up Next

Entertainer turned activist YDot GDot is getting back to his musical roots with the new single “Whole City Turnt”. Dotty had been focused on his Anti-Chiraq campaign, the logo for which makes several appearances in the video, but he wouldn’t be YDot if he didn’t remind everyone how he made his name ring bells in the first place.

A testament to the success YDot GDot has created for himself, the upbeat tune was produced by another Chicago native, D. Brooks and in typical YDot fashion infectious melody is bound to haunt you. Visuals were directed by @DirByCholly and feature appearances from Stunt Taylor and Mikey Dollaz.

Follow YDot GDot on Instagram: @YdotGdot and Twitter: @YdotTheNerd and check out the video below

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