A Lesson in “Simple Addition”

Chicago based lyricist Hunnid is hitting the ground running in 2016 with “Simple Addition”. An explanation of how if you wish him any negativity Hunnid doesn’t care for you, it’s very reminiscent of the drill music that is putting Chicago based artists on the map.

Bass heavy with a haunting melody “Simple Addition” is a record that won’t easily before forgotten. The leading single from his upcoming project Malcolm Hunnid King features some very powerful clips from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. In such a trying time in the city Hunnid calls home and across America the song just may lend itself as the current generations call to action.

Matched with visuals by TevDesh Productions, Hunnid is relaying a message to all who are listening. “It was more of a statement as opposed to what ppl wanted to hear. I’m attempting to capture the reality with this tape instead of the turn up.”

Hunnid-Simple Addition

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