There’s no sign of slowing down for lyrist Hunnid. He followed up the October release of his M.O.M.M. 5 with his latest effort: MALCOM HUNNID KING. “I’m embarking on a path where our forefathers used their voice to trigger change and hope. I combined two of the most influential opposite African American political figures. Malcom, who used a more aggressive tactic and Martin who used a more peaceful tactic. I’m essentially a combination of the two which led to the creation of MALCOM HUNNID KING.

Though only recently released the majority of the music is at least 4 years old. According to Hunnid, despite the songs being previously recorded they are pertinent. more now than ever. “The war is not over. Everyday is a fight, every is a battle. With everything going on in the world politically, economically, racially etc. this composition is timely sound.”

Despite having a political charge, Hunnid still delivers a variety of subjects and flows on MALCOM HUNNID KING. This project features some of the usual suspects including M.A.G and Mickey Buckz, in addition to fellow Chicagon Don Perrion and  California native Ty Crane. Chino and Blue on da track lent production to the effort.

Download it here:

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