Criminal J

According to Criminal J, he never thought he could rap. Having never taken his own talent seriously, it was until July of 2015 that he recorded his first song. “Me and all my migos,” he laughed, “we would be high, just rappin’, makin’ jokes about each other in freestyle.”

Inspired by a friend to take his music seriously, Criminal J decided it could be the tool he uses to do what’s most important to him, help his family. The only reason J recorded in the first place is because his brother asked him to be featured on a song. Though he only recently began to pursue music J is constantly looking for ways to improve his music and gain new fans.

Described by friends as hardworking and a bit reckless, the Kansas native is making a rather unique mark on music. Check out his latest on SoundCloud: Royalty9796

Keep up with Criminal J on Twitter: @jaylin_riley and Instagram: @criminal_j_ftt

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