Lil Bibby Shells out Big Buckz

Without warning 22 year-old Chicago based lyricist debuted an eight track mixtape by the name of Big Buckz. Nearly a year after the release of his last effort Free Crack 3, Bibby fan alike can agree this mixtape was necessary. 

Fellow Chicagoan and drill rapper, Lil Durk is the sole feature on this project composed of several previously released songs. Despite some of the music not being new the tape is worth the download.

Big Bucks

  1. Came From Nothing
  2. Can’t Trust A Soul
  3. Don’t Play With Me
  4. Get It Out The Trenches (Feat. Lil Durk)
  5. John Snow
  6. Never Go Against The Family
  7. Steph
  8. Turning 22

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