Hustle Gang Presents #HGOE

Hip hop’s royal family is back. It’s been two years since the world has heard from T.I.’s Hustle Gang but the wait was worth it. Concluding B.E.T’s Hip Hop Awards weekend the gang premiered their latest effort #HGOE Hustle Gang Over Errrrythang.

The 16 track compilation features the Hustle Gang line up you know and love, some fresh faces and  some of Atlanta’s finest. Among those fresh faces is T.I.’s own son, Domani Harris, who makes it obvious that lyricism is the Harris family business. Future and Migos make guest appearances on the mixtape and hosting come from none othe than DJ MLK.

Hustle Gang’s third mixtape, to date certainly shows progress from their 2013 debut. Changes in the line up, as well as developement for the artists contributed to success that is #HGOE. The mixtape offers something for everyone from fans who have been with T.I. since I’m Serious to those who have yet to have their formal introduction to hip hop. 

#HGOE Hustle Gang Over Errrrythang

  1. Hustle Gang Business (feat. T.I., B.o.B., Ra Ra & Tokyo)
  2. Baller Alert (feat. T.I., Migos & Chocolate Droppa)
  3. Dope House (feat. T.I., Quavo, Ra Ra & Peanut Da Don)
  4. All of That Talk (feat. T.I., B.o.B. & Ra Ra)
  5. Dat Way (feat. B.o.B. & Peanut Da Don)
  6. Poked Out (feat. Shad da God & Lotto  Savage)
  7. Pullin’ Up (Ayo) (feat. T.I., Trae The Truth, London Jae & Ra Ra)
  8. The Wig (feat. Young Dro)
  9. Fuck Wit Me (feat. Ra Ra)
  10. She Going (feat. Yung Booke & Future)
  11. Bobby Womack (feat. T.I., Young Thug & Big Kuntry King)
  12. I’m On Now (feat. Domani Harris)
  13. Land of the Lost (feat. Trae Tha Truth & London Jae)
  14. My Familia (feat. T.I., Shad da God & Kap G)
  15. Depends (feat. Translee & Zip K)
  16. Hell Na (feat. T.I., Young Dro & Ra Ra)

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