Ash10 is Talking Dirty

Far from a new comer, Ash10 has been in the music industry for quite some time. After years as a back up dancer and background vocalist, the talented singer songwriter has stepped out of the shadows with his sexy new single “Talk Dirty”.

Ash10 spent years learning the music industry while touring with and opening for artists like Jazmine Sullivan, Omarion, Mishon and Driicky Graham and . After discovering all that artistry requires, the Chicagoan put his own career on the back burner for fear of inadequacy. 

The former boy band member is now standing on faith is his own talent to bring the world his own sound. “Talk Dirty” was penned with the help of former groupmate Nu Nu Hughes and it is definitely something for the ladies. Almost erotic, the song is certified baby making music. If “Talk Dirty ” is the beginning, the future for Ash10 includes dim lights but is very bright.

Stream or buy it now on Apple Music: Ash10- Talk Dirty

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