Saba Kills the Game with Bucket List Project

Saba’s premier LP is now available world wide and listening to it should be on your bucket list. Bucket List Project is a 14-track effort certain to make the Chicagoan a household name.

The Westsider visits a number of topics with lyrical precision, diverse flows and the assistance of some friends. The former child prodigy called on fellow Chicago natives Noname, Ravyn Lenae, hip hop legend and fellow Westsider Twista and his own brother Joseph Chilliams to lend their own musical contributions to this project. 

Bucket List Project, according to the 22-year old, was the only thing on his bucket list. He released an album featuring items on the bucket lists of some his friends including Lupe Fiasco, Chance The Rapper and Stunt Taylor.

Though he gained the most notoriety beside Chance The Rapper, Bucket List Project is proof that Saba can stand on his own. The rapper, producer and writer collected Chicago’s culture used it to cultivate Bucket List Project and quite frankly the “Westside nigga go crazy”.

Bucket List Project is available on Apple Music.

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