Sunny Woodz Pours Clout on Fiji Water Freestyle

Today, Chicago’s Clout God, Sunny Woodz, released his new single “Fiji Water Freestyle”. 

“Fiji Water Freestyle” has an all-star lineup consisting of Supa Bwe, BigBodyFiji, Warhol.SS UG Vavy and Twista. Produced by UG Vavy, the song is the most creative 2:54 of the day.

 The barrage a diverse flows over an unforgettable beat  is typical for the DJ. However “Fiji Water Freestyle” is far from the smokers’ music Sunny Woodz is known for. Uptempo for the most part, the track shows a new side of Sunny Woodz and, quite frankly, is a lot of fun.

Possibly and hopefully a look into what’s to come from the Chicagoan, after he released the single Sunny Woodz took posted to social media “Putting Out A lot Of Fun Music Before SunnySideUp2”.  

Listen to “Fiji Water Freestyle” on SoundCloud: 

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