Lil’ Durk Released Love Songs For The Streets

Lil’ Durk opens his new mixtape Love Songs For The Streets telling his own story. The Chicago native admits he had been in the streets for such a long time, moving was his only opportunity to get away from the life he new.While Lil’ Durk calls Atlanta home now, he continues to tell stories of the life he knew in Chicago. 

Love Songs For The Streets is a nine track compilation of hood athems. True to his drill roots, Lil’ Durk discusses drug use, violence and loyalty, though this effort sounds a lot like Atlanta. 

Lil’ Durk got help from a handful of artists to create Love Songs For The Streets. YNF Lucci and Young Thug are the biggest names to appear on the tape. Production was combined effort from Donis Beats, T Y Made It and some other lesser known names. Love Songs For The Streets was hosted by DJ Bandz and DJ Drama.

Love Songs For The Streets is available now.

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