After a near fatal car accident earlier in the month, Lud Foe’s latest release is more than a mixtape. #GetWellFoe, released today, is reassurance for Foe’s fans that’s he is still here.

On March 5th, the Chicagoan found himself on the wrong side of a collision with a semitruck. He suffered a slew of injuries, including a broken jaw and the world was sure it would be a while before Lud Foe would be delivering new music. Less than three weeks later, he announced and released his first effort of the year, #GetWellFoe.

#GetWellFoe is a nine track beacon of hope for Foe’s fans and proof that he’s the soldier he claims to be. Though still very much in the recovery process Lud Foe delivered the same hardcore lyrics his fans expect while experimenting with melodic flows. 

Stream #GetWellFoe now.

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