Queen Key- Your Highness 2

At 4:20pm on 4/20 Queen Key released her latest project Your Highness 2. The title is a pun that’s expected from a rapper on 4/20, but Your Highness 2 is anything but predictable.

Queen Key delivers 20 tracks of her best lyricism and three skits. The 21 year-old rapper teamed up with an array of the most talented producers in Chicago including Hearon Tracks and LeekeLeek to create a mixtape that won’t soon be forgotten.

Your Highness 2 is combination of some Queen Key originals and the Chicagoan’s spin on some other very popular songs. Hosted by DJ Mil Ticket and DJ University, the mixtape is a whole lot of getting money, girl power and “Queen Shit.”

Check it out: Your Highness 2

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