Dev Walker Debuts Torn

It’s been a long a long time coming, yesterday Dev Walker’s debut mixtape Torn was released.

The multitalented artist spent more than a year creating a buzz for the mixtape with singles like “Man Down” and “Nothing More I Can Say” and it was certainly worth the wait. Torn is composed of nine tracks, all of which put Dev Walker’s vocal or lyrical talents on display. 

Slightly reminiscent of the way Bryson Tiller and Tory Lanes intermittently rap and sing on songs, Dev Walker made the world aware that he has enough talent to multitask. Despite, inspiring thoughts of other artists, the Chicago native establishes a sound of his own.

Torn offers something for everybody. Songs like “Head Gone” and “Smoke Something” are male-fan friendly. While “Beautiful” and “Come Over” are sure to keep ladies convinced that Dev is singing solely to them. 

Download Torn now.

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