Meet J.Reign

Hailing from Chicago, by way of Atlanta, J.Reign is a man of many talents. Primarily a rapper, J.Reign’s distinctive voice and energy make him memorable, if nothing else.

Releasing his debut project The Reign Gretzky Pre-Season in 2013, J.Reign established his sound early on. His follow up effort Reign Gretzky: Hat Trick was released in 2015. Playing on his own moniker and the name of Hockey Hall of Fame inductee Wayne Gretzky for the names of his first and second projects, it is obvious that J. Reign wants his name to be associated with nothing less than greatness.

Earlier this year the performer added actor, screen writer and executive producer to his resume with the release of the short film Face Off: Chicago 2 Atlanta.

Keep up with J.Reign on social media: @ReignGretzky.

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