RicosView – Nights Like This

The first snowfall in Chicago inspires a plethora of reactions from the city. While some people’s hearts are filled with glee at the sight of the city’s first dusting, others would rather stay inside with their significant other and a whole lot of hot chocolate. For music fans who would rather do the latter, RicosView has released the soundtrack to your winter weather alternative and calls it Nights Like This.

A ten track offering doing its part to revive RnB, Nights Like This is harmonies and melodies of bass lines and 808 kicks. An effective fusion of hip hop and RnB, Nights Like This is almost reminiscent of some previous Drake efforts.

RicosView gives fans just more than half an hour of his best work yet. With limited features Nights Like This puts RicosView’s talent in the forefront, right where they belong.

Check it out:

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