Chloé – Day 28

Today starts the countdown till Maven Monarch artist Chloé’s upcoming project Day 28 is released.

The Chicago based songstress launched the countdown to Day 28 with the release of the introduction baring the same name. Short and sweet “Day 28” also has an accompanying visual, putting Chloé in the spotlight, where she belongs.

Failing to meet the minute and a half mark, that’s all “Day 28” fails to do. Produced by Medallion, “Day 28” serves as a prelude to what the Day 28 EP is about.

Today’s release is just the tip of the ice berg, as there is more on the way from Chloé. Every 28 days fans can expect more new music until the release of Day 28. In the interim, for fans who just can’t get enough, Chloé will be on Instagram Live (@justchloemusic) tonight at 8pm discussing Day 28.

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