What Is China-Marie Doin?

Some colloquialisms are regional, however the rhetorical question “What is you doin?” is universal. Grammatically incorrect and 100% accurate at conveying outrage is this the perfect title for China-Marie’s latest single.

Still riding a high from the June release of her debut album Potpourri, the blonde bombshell is gearing up for the release of her next project in early 2018. “What Is You Doin?” is the first single from China-Marie’s upcoming Made In China EP and the songstress is using this release to establish herself as a boss. “What Is You Doin?” has a theme that has been heard before falling somewhere between Jennifer Lopez’s “Love Don’t Cost A Thing” and Beyoncé’s “Diva”. China-Marie lets her potential bae know his is unimpressive, she has her own.

The visual features hip hop royalty and Oakland native Too Short, who also serves as China-Marie’s mentor.

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