Joel Q’s Daniel: The Angel in Training

Few things are more pivotal for an artist than the release of their debut album. Just ask Chicago based artist Joel Q, who just experienced that moment with Daniel: The Angel in Training.

With a sound all his own, Joel Q is establishing himself and a force on Chicago’s music scene. Despite Daniel: The Angel in Training being Joel Q’s premier album, it certainly isn’t his first rodeo. Apparent in his lyrical aptitude, Joel Q has sharpening his craft for years and Daniel: The Angel in Training is the result.

The artist took to Instagram yesterday proclaiming,

“From An Idea To An Album, Crazy How One Thought Alone In My Room Can Create My First Album And By Far My Best Work Up To Date, I Love You All And This Is My New Theory/Album “Daniel: The Angel in Training” Enjoy…..”

Joel Q isn’t the only Chicago native lending lyrical prowess to his debut project, Grammy winner, poet, author and performer J. Ivy makes an unforgettable cameo on “Thinking of You.”

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