Meet 2ru Luv

Though hip hop was born in New York, it undoubtedly has a home in Chicago. With all the hip hop artists pouring out of the city it’s easy to forget people sing there too, but never to worry 2ru Luv is here to remind you.

Singer/songwriter 2ru Luv hails from the city’s south side and that’s evident in his music. 2ru Luv pairs is silky smooth vocals with heavy bass lines and 808’s that make it hard to tell if he plans to sing or rap.

After finding success with his first single “High In Love,” 2ru Luv is back for round two kicking off 2018 with his latest release “Cliché.” A complete 180 from the sexy bedroom anthem “High In Love,” “Cliché” is kickback approved.


High In Love:

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