Queen Key Debuts EMP

For six weeks, Queen Key has had her fans up in arms as they waited for the debut of her album Eat My Pussy.

At midnight, Chicago’s own Queen Key debuted Eat My Pussy. The seven track effort is nothing short of what Keypers would expect from their queen. Eat My Pussy is 21 minutes of Queen Key’s particular brand of girl power, which she refers to as queen shit, including the single “My Way.”

Four of the seven songs feature other artist and all of them have roots in Chicago, except Cuban Doll. Dreezy, Tink and King Louie lent their talents to Eat My Pussy, making the effort complete. At least that’s what fans thought.

Queen Key sent the Keypers into a tailspin by taking to Instagram to announce that the version of Eat My Pussy released at midnight was only the beginning. The seven songs Keypers are sure to know word for word by sundown isn’t quite half of the albums. Fans have more waiting to do as Queen Key also announced she plans to release more music on June 28.

Eat My Pussy

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