Vo Shows the World His Crown

It’s safe to say if you’re a hip-hop fan and a social media user you know Vo, the lyricist in his car. Last night the rapper stepped out of his car and into Chicago’s Society 2201 night club to celebrate the release of his album Crown.

The celebration brought out a list of who’s who in the city and rightfully so. Crown is 12 tracks of what the music industry has been missing. A far cry from what’s mainstream Vo’s sound is not only specifically hip-hop, it’s specific to Vo. The lyricist covers a range of topics over beats that all sound different. And it’s probably not so unfortunate that there won’t be any dances spawning from any of the songs on Crown, but it’s almost a guarantee that there will be plenty of lyric quoting.

No gimmicks necessary Crown is proof that Vo’s lyricism stands on its own. Vo already had the respect of the city and the feature list on Crown is evidence of that. Twista, John Blu and Nia Kay are just a few of the well known artists lending their talents to Crown.

Nearly 45 minutes of positivity and real hip hop, Crown is undoubtedly a must listen and Vo is a name music lovers wont soon forget.

Vo – Crown

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