Primo Jab’s The Book of Jab

Primo Jab seems to be on a mission to bring back real hip hop. His album The Book of Jab is his latest effort.

Originally from Chicago, but now residing in Atlanta, Primo Jab has taken his mission to make real hip hop a thing again. Produced in its entirety by godBLESSbeatz, The Book of Jab is a ten track effort of lyricism. No gimmicks, colorful clothes or dancing, just rap.

It very well may be impossible for The Book of Jab to be any more different than the music coming out of Atlanta, but that could be a good thing. Despite having a feature for nearly every song, Primo Jab has put his sound in the spotlight.

Though it’s worlds away from what dominates the radio waves, The Book of Jab very well may be what the game is missing.

The Book of Jab

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