KY.N.G Musix’s XperienceMusix 2.0

A product of Chicago, KY.N.G Musix is no stranger to adversity and that’s what he uses to connect with his fans. His latest release XperienceMusix 2.0, is a continued effort to do just that.

XperienceMusix 2.0 is an eleven track culmination of KY.N.G Musix’s life experiences. Chronicling the highs and lows of street life, XperienceMusix 2.0 is nearly 40 minutes of real life over beats.

XperienceMusic 2.0 is KY.N.G Musix’s third project in the last three years and he doesn’t appear to be losing momentum at all, as the rapper has another project slated for release later this year.

XperienceMusix 2.0

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