Gerry P Tha DJ’s Not Meant For Radio

2020 has been a hell of a year and it’s only March. With some places in the world on complete lockdown, nothing is more necessary than an escape. For those who aren’t interested in risking contracting Covid-19 for an escape Gerry P The DJ has the answer with Not Meant For Radio.

Not Meant For Radio is a compilation of artists that listeners won’t find anywhere else. The mixtape is a combination a male and female hip-hop and r’n’b artists. Not Meant For Radio provides a variety of sounds from predominantly Chicago based artists who Gerry P Tha DJ felt deserved the platform.

The Stack or Starve approved mixtape certainly won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s sure to be someone’s Hennessy straight. While all the nonessential workers are chilling at club “The Crib” Not Meant For Radio can serve as the soundtrack.

One thought on “Gerry P Tha DJ’s Not Meant For Radio

  1. Thank You!
    I appreciate RWilson Mgmt for the DOPE graphic design & every artist, producer and both A&R’s for contributing to my 1st SINGLE Mixtape. With the rapid change from radio host to full time DJ this mistake was suppose to been out on 10/31/19. But with my hectic schedule in 2019 had to push it back. Sat down with Doughfromdago CEO of Stack Or Starve DJ Coalition in January and mapped out my 1st Quarter Mixtape for the world. Hope the readers enjoy it as I did mixing.

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