RonSoCold is a SoundCloud King. As he prepares to release his first major album it’s hard to imagine some people still don’t know who RonSoCold is.

RonSoCold is a Charlotte, North Carolina native with the “Midas touch” when it comes to music. RonSoCold has hundreds of thousands of streams on all of his SoundCloud releases and nearly 24,000 subscribers. And all those numbers pail in comparison to the reams for his biggest hit to date: “I Swear.”

“I Swear” has over a million streams and was produced by Pierre Bourne. “I Swear” is just more than two minutes of complete and utter energy.

If “I Swear” is any indication of what’s to come for RonSoCold, the world is in for a treat. With a solid fan base and unshakable sound, RonSoCold is preparing to move from SoundCloud domination to world domination in less time than anyone may think.

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