Dev Walker Needs One Love

Chicago seems to get colder daily. With the temperature in the single digits for Valentine’s Day weekend every lone will be looking for ways to stay warm. While singles may needs a warm blanket and a fire, lovers need look no further.

Multitalented Chicagoan Dev Walker has taken it upon himself to avenge r’n’b and is using Valentine’s Day weekend to launch his attack. Dev Walker took to social media to announce the release of his new single “One Love” and listeners are certain to swoon.

To describe “One Love” as an easy listen would be insufficient. Dev Walker’s vocals are smoother than ever and lyrics will make listeners want to be in love, at least for a little while. A serious deviation from the “trap soul” that has grown ever popular as of late, One Love” is real r’n’b.

Dev Walker has been adamant that 2021 is going to different. If “One Love” is any indication of how he’s coming let’s just call 2021 his year and save everyone some time. “One Love” is available now.–psq02uw9_0q_LBL1y_SayEbNCqcDgqgIzR3DY_3xsHmj&s=1

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