Slitta is in Pain

Society would have people believe that black men don’t feel. Time and time again Slitta dispelled that myth, pouring his soul out on record after record. His most recent release Pain is the ultimate display of Slitta’s ability to verbalize the feelings most just can’t seem to put into words.

The self proclaimed trap angel left it all in the record with Pain. For Pain, Slitta used his wide range of talents to expose the parts of street life rarely discussed by society. Slitta discusses the vulnerable side of street life including falling in love, falling victim to those who were supposed to be loyal, and what it’s really like to lose loved ones.

Though Pain covers a variety of topics, in typical Slitta fashion each is covered masterfully, leaving nothing to be desired. Slitta reminded the world yet again that he is not to be put in a box playing role after role in the creation of Pain. Slitta contributed all of the lyrical and vocal talent to Pain and produced a number of songs. All Day, JTK, and Hearon Trackz are among other producers who lent product to the project.

The project’s lead single “Feelings” is highly indicative of what to expect from Pain. Heartfelt and vulnerable, “Feelings” examines a range of emotions. The visual allows the lyrics to takes fans on a journey through those emotions with Slitta, connecting in ways not previously explored.

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