Torrence Lamont delivers Aesthetics

As rain swept through Chicago Wednesday night a small group of Chicago’s musically elite gathered at The Compound to be introduced to Torrence Lamont’s new album Aesthetics.

Lightning strikes couldn’t have been more befitting as Torrence Lamont played his album and explained the inspiration behind each song. The myth that Lightning next strikes twice in the same place was dispelled as Torrence Lamont rapped along with track after track, electrifying the room.

Aesthetics is properly titled as it is certainly work of art. Emotion evoking and personal to Torrence Lamont, Aesthetics is a 13 track compilation of lyricism and story telling in a style that could only be delivered by the South Side representative. Exploring a wide range of topics Torrence Lamont tapped in Law Beatz to create a sound that could easily be described as unforgettable.

Torrence Lamont opened up on this album in a way he hadn’t on previous projects and his vulnerability was met with approval as some Chicago’s most notable took turns praising the artist for letting his fan in for a real look at his life.

Aesthetic also features vocals from Aye’ziz and Audrey V., as well as lyricism from Panamera P. and a host of others. There’s much to be said about an album with many features, but the artist still shines. Torrence Lamont is far from lost, despite the number of top tier artists who lent their talents to his latest release.

Listen to Aesthetics, available now.

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