What They Didn’t Tell You About Miracle DaGod

Over the weekend, Chicago based artist Miracle DaGod took some time to celebrate creativity, community, and family with a photoshoot.

It’s no secret that Miracle DaGod has a style all his own both musically and fashion wise. During his photoshoot, Miracle DaGod took some time to discuss how he is committed to living in his art. From what he listens to and how he dresses to how he gives back to his community Miracle DaGod is led by his convictions to stay true to himself.

Though led by his truth, Miracle DaGod admits sometimes the balancing act of being a creative, a family man and an activist can be taskful. Noting that his primary job is to support and finance whatever endeavors his daughter undertakes, Miracle said he sometimes feels compelled to do more than he can for his family and community. While he feels there’s more to be done Miracle undoubtedly plays his part, organizing his holiday drive “Miracles on 55th St” for the second year in 2021 and looking forward to a third year drive in the 2022 holiday season.

Miracle DaGod and his daughter

Family, fashion, and community play a major part in Miracle DaGod’s life and contribute to his music. His 2021 release What They Didn’t Tell You was a 20 minute look into the musical mind of what could very well be described as a creative genius. Miracle utilized a variety of flows to illustrate a wide range of scenarios creating what sounds more like a soundtrack than a mixtape. His vocal animation and unmatched energy lend themselves well to uptempo tracks like “WYA” and “Mood” featuring Nova Gholar. And those tracks are an all too appropriate balance to laidback tracks like “What I Want.” Visuals are in the works for tracks from What They Didn’t Tell You.

As Miracle prepares for the summer release of his next mixtape he’s committed to delivering a masterpiece of his own. The project was inspired by his love for art and assures fans that the art will certainly popover into the music. Though, the primary installment of the mixtape series won’t be available til summer, Miracle DaGod said the single is coming soon.

Miracle DaGod with Loony Smokez

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