Sunny Woodz’s 5th Annual Celebrity Basketball Game

It’s a delicate situation to bring creatives from all over the city together for one cause. Sunny Woodz and Sincere obviously have the Midas touch when it comes to bringing the city out, as last week they successfully executed their fifth annual celebrity basketball game.

On Saturday, April 2nd, creatives from all over the Chicagoland area descended on the McCook Athletic and Exposition Center for a fun filled, family event. Sincere provided the cometary, World Famous DJ Shon created the vibe, and Sunny Woodz played, coached and did a little bit of everything else. The team rosters were a list of who’s who, including Chimeka, Mikey Dollaz, New Ara, and OG Stevo. The “official” coaches were Twista, Bo Deal, and Dj Milticket. While the crowd was mostly families, even some of spectators are verified on Instagram, including Korporate.

In what was probably the most competitive free basketball game ever, the creatives quickly reminded the city that their choice to make music was not fueled by a lack of athleticism. Though they battled fiercely, the black team couldn’t hold the white team and for the first time, lost.

While both teams couldn’t win, the city certainly did by having yet another positive event. Sincere said “I just want to see the city have fun. No violence, great vibes, and build with my people and promote everyday life essentials health care, self care through Aduways.”

While taking a moment to enjoy what he orchestrated, Sunny Woodz expressed his gratitude for everyone who came to the game and that everyone had a great time.

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