Lil’ Blessin’s Party at the Likka Sto

January 13, Lil’ Blessin turned Subterranean into a likko sto and threw a party in it.

Everyone knows the solution to keeping warm when you’re going out in the winter is shots. Last night the shots where in full affect at Sub T, when Lil Blessin’s fans and some of Chicago’s elite poured in to attend Lil’ Blessin’s Party at the Likka Sto.

The Westside native has been making waves for years but “Likka Sto,” his biggest hit to date is providing a wave that not only he can ride, but other artists as well. Indicative of his success was the all-star line up of acts who the took the stage before Blessin, including Bunny Liiu, OG Stevo, and 100 Flex.

As if the show wasn’t star studded enough the audience was populated by some of the cities most notable names including Chimeka and Don’t Do Coke TV, Sunny Woodz, Panamera P, Power 92.3 radio personality Bree Specific, King Pinrue and a host of others.

Anyone who wasn’t at Subterranean, missed a hell of a party.

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