6th Annual Basketball Giveway

“Brought the city out” is a phrase performers use and sometimes abuse when they’ve had a successful event. However the use of any other phrase would disrespectful when discussing Sunny Woodz and Sincere’s 6th Annual Basketball Giveaway.

On Saturday, February 3, the basketball court at the Max McCook Athletic & Exposition Center was reduced to standing room only when people from all over the Chicagoland area came to see the blue team defeat the red time. A game that has been historically populated by performers and producers took on new life as Chicago based entertainers from every discipline joined to make it the most successful basketball giveaway to date.

To call the team rosters a list of who’s who of Chicago’s talent would be an understatement. Though anyone familiar with the event would expect noting less. Mikey Dollaz, New Ara, Cool Ass Ice, Chimeka, Ahmad N Ferguson, El Hitta, and Lucien Cambric were among the players. The referees, cheerleaders and coaches were all familiar faces including Money Maha, Queen Envi, Baja Banks and Big Daddy Deja. Briah Banks was on the score board, Sincere shared announcer duties with Bree Specific and LilJonStopIt provided the vibe. Even the audience was star studded and the icing on the cake was undoubtedly all of the kids.

In a city were violence plagues the news and mainstream media would have the world to believe no one is safe, this event went exactly to plan. Not only was the game fun for the players and spectators, there were no incidents, arguments or fights.

A round of applause is certainly in order for the organizers for bringing the city out for a positive, constructive, and entertaining event.

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