Raymi the Artist – Que Pasa

According to the saying “well behaved women seldom make history.” So that must mean bad bitches make headlines. If we’re judging by Raymi the Artist, that’s undoubtedly true. Over the weekend, Raymi sent the internet into a uproar with the release of her EP Que Pasa.

Que Pasa is the perfect introduction to women’s history month. Comprised of three bad bitch anthems, Que Pasa is just a peak at what Raymi the Artist has in store for fans in 2023.

The project opens with “Act Like.” A reminder that Raymi knows exactly who she is and everyone else does too. In just under two minutes Raymi established lyrical superiority and the fact that she is exactly who she says she is.

“Bust Back” reinforces the notion that it is not only acceptable but often necessary to correct those who try to play with you. Uptempo and catchy “Bust Back” feels like motivation to get in your bag and stay there.

“Psycho” is the final track on the EP and is a proclamation that Raymi the Artist knows who she is and what she’s capable and that’s exactly what you’ll get when you see her.

In total, Que Pasa is about seven minutes long. Though it is short, it put Raymi’s artistry on full display. Listen to Que Pasa:


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