Miracle DaGod’s Miracle DaSleeze

Nostalgia seems to be the current name of the game when it comes to hip hop. Nicki Minaj is currently riding that wave with her latest single “Red Ruby Da Sleeze” the features a sample of Lumidee’s 2003 hit “Never Leave You (Uh Ooh).” And it’s only right, for nostalgia’s sake, that Miracle DaGod put his own spin on the girl hit. Today, Miracle DaGod blessed the world with “Miracle DaSleeze”

In typical Miracle DaGod fashion intellect met lyricism to produce punchlines far superior to the current standard of hip-hop. But more than just lyrical and witty, “Miracle DaSleeze” sounds a lot like a love song. No matter the inspiration, “Miracle Da Sleeze” is ode to an era in hip-hop that doesn’t get the credit it deserves and who better to pay homage than Miracle DaGod?

As if the freestyle isn’t enough, Miracle DaGod took fans on a trip down memory lane with a visual that fits perfectly in reggaeton/hip-hop era of the early 2000s. Colored lighting highlight Leeosha’s (who very well may be the star of this visuals) dance moves in a Hype Williams sort of vibe. Higher Self Films certainly showed out this time.

For anyone who grew up in the early 2000s “Miracle DaSleeze” is a necessity. Watch the visual here:

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