LoOny Smokez – 5am Freestyle

5am holds significance to different people for different reasons. For some it’s the beginning of their day, for others it’s the end of their day, but for LoOny Smokez’s fans 5am is the title of his latest release.

Originally composed as one of four songs for an upcoming EP, the title 5am was derived from the time the record was completed. True to what current fans have grown to expect and an introduction for those who are new to LoOny, 5am Freestyle is lyrically witty yet still rooted in the street life he knows so well.

A product of Chicago’s Eastside, LoOny Smokez’s roots start at 73rd and Luella. 5am Freestyle is LoOny’s valid effort to impart wisdom obtained throughout his life, while sharing just a bit of it’s like growing up over East.

The 5am Freestyle visual was filmed by HigherSelfFilms on 72nd and Merrill as LoOny Smokez’s effort to pay homage to his brother IB who was one of his greatest supporters. The visual also features an appearance from Miracle DaGod.

Check it out:

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