Air Max Day Chicago

Last night, sneaker enthusiasts from across the Chicagoland gathered at Foot Looker on State Street to celebrate 35 years of Air Max in the most Chicago way possible.

The event curated by Foot Locker Chicago’s marketing manger Mike Charles quickly filled with invitees to take part in the destinies before Mike sat down with two of Chicago’s most notable sneaker influencers Oluwaseyi “Sam” Adeleke, creator of “Prgssn” and Lauren “Boobie D” Dyson for a panel on sneaker culture.

Polaroid pictures, a shoelace customization station and Harold’s Chicken were only a portion of the festivities. Air Max based trivia, displays, and gifts also contributed to a night sneaker lovers won’t soon forget.

Customizable Air Max Day t-shirts and Foot Locker folding chairs may have very well been the icing on the cake for the function. As if Foot Locker Chicago didn’t do enough to create an unforgettable evening, the unlimited photo ops and on-site photography ensured that this celebration will live on long Air Max Day comes to an end.

What They Didn’t Tell You About Miracle DaGod

Over the weekend, Chicago based artist Miracle DaGod took some time to celebrate creativity, community, and family with a photoshoot.

It’s no secret that Miracle DaGod has a style all his own both musically and fashion wise. During his photoshoot, Miracle DaGod took some time to discuss how he is committed to living in his art. From what he listens to and how he dresses to how he gives back to his community Miracle DaGod is led by his convictions to stay true to himself.

Though led by his truth, Miracle DaGod admits sometimes the balancing act of being a creative, a family man and an activist can be taskful. Noting that his primary job is to support and finance whatever endeavors his daughter undertakes, Miracle said he sometimes feels compelled to do more than he can for his family and community. While he feels there’s more to be done Miracle undoubtedly plays his part, organizing his holiday drive “Miracles on 55th St” for the second year in 2021 and looking forward to a third year drive in the 2022 holiday season.

Miracle DaGod and his daughter

Family, fashion, and community play a major part in Miracle DaGod’s life and contribute to his music. His 2021 release What They Didn’t Tell You was a 20 minute look into the musical mind of what could very well be described as a creative genius. Miracle utilized a variety of flows to illustrate a wide range of scenarios creating what sounds more like a soundtrack than a mixtape. His vocal animation and unmatched energy lend themselves well to uptempo tracks like “WYA” and “Mood” featuring Nova Gholar. And those tracks are an all too appropriate balance to laidback tracks like “What I Want.” Visuals are in the works for tracks from What They Didn’t Tell You.

As Miracle prepares for the summer release of his next mixtape he’s committed to delivering a masterpiece of his own. The project was inspired by his love for art and assures fans that the art will certainly popover into the music. Though, the primary installment of the mixtape series won’t be available til summer, Miracle DaGod said the single is coming soon.

Miracle DaGod with Loony Smokez

CeeTheWorld is Pretty Good At Bad Decisions

Everyone is good at something. According to the title of CeeTheWorld’s new album one of his many talents is making bad decisions. Though, Pretty Good At Bad Decisions may be one of the best decisions CeeTheWorld has made to date.

If one is going to go hard, the fourth quarter is undoubtedly the time to do it. CeeTheWorld must be pretty good at making good decisions as well, because the late October release of his new album Pretty Good At Bad Decisions was a brilliant choice.

Just weeks before COVID-19 brought the world to a standstill, CeeTheWorld made r’n’b fans swoon with the ballad “Imagine A Love”. Lovers of love songs went crazy and for a moment in time it seemed like the singer/songwriter could do no wrong. The nearly two year wait for the release of Pretty Good At Bad Decisions had people questioning the mega talented Chicagoan’s judgement. But in the spirit of understanding that everyone makes questionable choices every now and then, fans welcomed “Imagine A Love” back and it’s full length counterpart, for the first time, with open arms.

Obviously, CeeTheWorld’s decision making skill deserve more credit than he gives, because Pretty Good At Bad Decisions is 14 tracks of vibes. Despite his self proclaimed knack for making questionable choices, CeeTheWorld hand picked 14 of his best songs to date to deliver to his supporters. One of which is the new single “Ain’t Done (Hoe)”.

“Ain’t Done” is an apology of sorts to all the women CeeTheWorld wasn’t quite right with due to his desire to continue to life his best, non committed life. Reminiscent of Mario’s “Could You Be” or Jay-Z’s “Girls, Girls, Girls” CeeTheWorld lists the women and their lovable qualities and admits he was the problem.

The visual is almost more lovable the the song , featuring an aged CeeTheWorld reminiscing on all of the women he hurt. A bit of a who’s who, some of Chicago’s most beautiful and talented women make cameos in the “Ain’t Done” video.

Stream Pretty Good At Bad Decisions and watch “Ain’t Done” below.

Chimeka Gets Sex C

Releasing a project with no promo is either the greatest error an artist can make or the ultimate flex. One is inclined to believe for Chimeka it is definitely the latter. With no forewarning in the middle of the week Chimeka dropped Sex C like bomb.

Music is in a confused state, but Chimeka made it clear that she remains a staple on the Chicago music scene with Sex C. Just in time for cuffing season, the five track EP delivers vibes for the lovers. Though Sex C fails to meet the 15 minute mark, Chimeka reiterates that not only does she understand the assignment; she aces it every time.

Sex C has no features, but all in all the project lacks nothing. Chimeka worked with an all-star line up of producers including Law Beatz and Sunny Woodz.

Stream Sex C now.

Torrence Lamont delivers Aesthetics

As rain swept through Chicago Wednesday night a small group of Chicago’s musically elite gathered at The Compound to be introduced to Torrence Lamont’s new album Aesthetics.

Lightning strikes couldn’t have been more befitting as Torrence Lamont played his album and explained the inspiration behind each song. The myth that Lightning next strikes twice in the same place was dispelled as Torrence Lamont rapped along with track after track, electrifying the room.

Aesthetics is properly titled as it is certainly work of art. Emotion evoking and personal to Torrence Lamont, Aesthetics is a 13 track compilation of lyricism and story telling in a style that could only be delivered by the South Side representative. Exploring a wide range of topics Torrence Lamont tapped in Law Beatz to create a sound that could easily be described as unforgettable.

Torrence Lamont opened up on this album in a way he hadn’t on previous projects and his vulnerability was met with approval as some Chicago’s most notable took turns praising the artist for letting his fan in for a real look at his life.

Aesthetic also features vocals from Aye’ziz and Audrey V., as well as lyricism from Panamera P. and a host of others. There’s much to be said about an album with many features, but the artist still shines. Torrence Lamont is far from lost, despite the number of top tier artists who lent their talents to his latest release.

Listen to Aesthetics, available now.

Dev Walker Ain’t Gone Change

Versatility seems to be the name of the game in an industry as ever-changing as music. One artist who inevitably has a handle on that is Dev Walker. The multitalented Chicagoan tends to win over the ladies, but his new single “Ain’t Gone Change” can solely be described as ghetto gospel.

Released today, “Ain’t Gon Change” is only for the real. Those who pride themselves on staying ten toes down will undoubtedly relate. Though it’s only a minute and 47 seconds, Dev Walker not only got his point across but made someone feel it as well.

Slitta is in Pain

Society would have people believe that black men don’t feel. Time and time again Slitta dispelled that myth, pouring his soul out on record after record. His most recent release Pain is the ultimate display of Slitta’s ability to verbalize the feelings most just can’t seem to put into words.

The self proclaimed trap angel left it all in the record with Pain. For Pain, Slitta used his wide range of talents to expose the parts of street life rarely discussed by society. Slitta discusses the vulnerable side of street life including falling in love, falling victim to those who were supposed to be loyal, and what it’s really like to lose loved ones.

Though Pain covers a variety of topics, in typical Slitta fashion each is covered masterfully, leaving nothing to be desired. Slitta reminded the world yet again that he is not to be put in a box playing role after role in the creation of Pain. Slitta contributed all of the lyrical and vocal talent to Pain and produced a number of songs. All Day, JTK, and Hearon Trackz are among other producers who lent product to the project.

The project’s lead single “Feelings” is highly indicative of what to expect from Pain. Heartfelt and vulnerable, “Feelings” examines a range of emotions. The visual allows the lyrics to takes fans on a journey through those emotions with Slitta, connecting in ways not previously explored.

Roll With Khalfani & Gem Tree

The last thing anyone should want to do in Chicago is drive. After more than three feet of snow fell over the last three weeks and windchills consistently in the single digits Chicagoans should want to stay indoors. Alas, Khalfani has made it impossible to want to stay home. His new single “Roll With Me” sounds like car rides at sunset through a city where some people’s cars are still buried in the snow.

Every native Chicagoan knows riding down Lake Shore Drive any time between sunset and dawn is either inexpensive therapy or the best cheap date ever. Khalfani teamed up with Gem Stone to provide a soundtrack for that ride regardless of what the purpose is. “Roll With Me” is by far the smoothest vibe to come out of the city in quite some time.

“Roll With Me” is a testament to Khalfani’s versatility and a reminder that true lyricism knows no limits. A staple in Chicago’s hip hop culture, Khalfani proves that talent knows no genre by immersing fans in a sea of soul. “Roll With Me” is a collaborative effort of musical genius between Khalfani, producer Lord Haiti, Gem Tree, and guitarist Jacob Grow.

“Roll With Me” is just beginning. Though the song leaves nothing to be desired, it’s only the tip of the iceberg in terms of what to expect from Khalfani in 2021. While awaiting the barrage of music Khalfani plans to hit fans with this year stream “Roll With Me” now.

Rapcrush or Kiesha?

2020 was undoubtedly the year of the woman. Women stood up in positions of power around the globe during what may very well be the most tumultuous time in history. The music industry certainly has been a testament to the same with female singers and rappers dominating both the internet and the billboards. 2021 seems to be an extension of not only the stress of 2020, but the girl power as well, Exhibit A: Rapcrush’s new album: Kiesha.

Rapcrush has already been making a name for herself, but with her new album the Chicago based artist may very well be tattooing her name on the game. The brown skin bombshell has matched her good looks and sharp tongue to make herself one of the most identifiable rappers in Chicago and Kiesha is only proof of the matter.

Lyrically witty, Rapcrush is a bit different from a number of the other lady rappers of late, because she rests on her talents. The looks are a bonus. Nestled somewhere between sarcasm and poetry, Rapcrush consistently delivers her own brand female empowerment over hip hop beats.

Female empowerment could very well be the theme of Kiesha. The 10 track effort is a compilation of get money anthems mixed with relationships highs and lows, and some advice for young girls as well. Though she likely could have put the album out under the J.Cole act (without features), Rapcrush shares the spotlight with fellow Chicagoan Stunt Taylor and One Fame.

The cover art is a nod to Taral Hicks’ character “Kisha” from the 1998 crime drama Belly. Rapcrush tapped into her inner pinup girl to do the fictional sex symbol who has transcended decades justice.

Dev Walker Needs One Love

Chicago seems to get colder daily. With the temperature in the single digits for Valentine’s Day weekend every lone will be looking for ways to stay warm. While singles may needs a warm blanket and a fire, lovers need look no further.

Multitalented Chicagoan Dev Walker has taken it upon himself to avenge r’n’b and is using Valentine’s Day weekend to launch his attack. Dev Walker took to social media to announce the release of his new single “One Love” and listeners are certain to swoon.

To describe “One Love” as an easy listen would be insufficient. Dev Walker’s vocals are smoother than ever and lyrics will make listeners want to be in love, at least for a little while. A serious deviation from the “trap soul” that has grown ever popular as of late, One Love” is real r’n’b.

Dev Walker has been adamant that 2021 is going to different. If “One Love” is any indication of how he’s coming let’s just call 2021 his year and save everyone some time. “One Love” is available now.–psq02uw9_0q_LBL1y_SayEbNCqcDgqgIzR3DY_3xsHmj&s=1