BoDi Deeder Has Trap Money Crack Money

Money is a necessity in this day and age and BoDi Deeder knows that well. His latest single “Trap Money Crack Money” is evidence and the visual is in line with that.

Simple in concept but heavy on effects, the “Trap Money Crack Money” video is a Clark FX original. Expensive cars, pretty women and close friends is “Trap Money Crack Money” in a nutshell. But it’s a BoDi Deeder visual so it’s certainly not that simple.

Hemi engines and strippers and a few of Chicago’s most notable artists is more like it. BoDi Deeder delivers lyrics about getting money in whatever your preferred method is, because quite frankly either you have it or you don’t. His entourage includes living legend Twista and Chicago Clout God Sunny Woodz, as well as a few of BoDi Deeder’s day ones Chase Chill and Stax Dollars.

Produced by Fatality of 80 Apes, “Trap Money Crack Money is the first single from BoDi Deeder’s upcoming EP Trap Fever.

Kush Premiers Nobody

There’s nothing better than heat when it’s cold out and Chicago based rapper Kush is well equipped. Today, the 26 year old debuted the visual for his very first single “Nobody.”

More than just a lyricist, Kush is a storyteller. Rapping for more than a decade, he got his start doing just that: telling stories. After discovering his own talent, Kush discovered the only thing that could stop him from sharing it with the world was himself. After several run in with the law and a few years behind bars, Kush is a free man and nobody can interfere with his dream.

Kush’s debut single “Nobody” was produced by 80 Apes’ Pressure and Rio Mac and it’s safe to say Kush made it clear that he is not to be messed with. His proclamation that people aren’t who they claim to be, “Nobody” puts Kush’s lyrical aptitude on display. His impressive wordplay make Kush an artist to keep an eye on. Filmed by Dinero Films, “Nobody” is simple in concept it’s still effective.

Check it out: