Bodi Deeder Is In The Ghetto

Everything but an overnight success, Bodi Deeder is a name almost synonymous with hip hop in Chicago. With years invested in the industry and having worked with everyone from Twista to Lani Pop, if nothing else Bodi Deeder knows his way around the studio and the city.

His latest offering is nothing short of a reminder of that, "In the Ghetto" was filmed by @AZaeProduction in the city Bodi Deeder calls home. The black and white masterpiece only adds emphasis to his lyrics and his distinctive voice makes the song impossible to forget.

Check it out:

Ty Money Premiers Yes or No

Ty Money had the summer sewn up before it even started with the May release of his highly anticipated Cinco de Money 3. As the summer gets hotter the Harvey rapper continues to bring heat, this time in the form of a video. This afternoon Ty Money debuted the visual for his single "Yes or No."

Produced by Novacane and featuring iconic Chicago lyricist Bump J, "Yes or No" is arguably one of the best songs on the mixtape and certainly the most memorable. The visual makes the song even more so a hood classic. @AZaeProduction at the helm of the ship resulted in performance shots featuring Chicago's unparalleled skyline as well as Harvey represented in it's best light.

Ty Money undoubted put his best foot forward with this visual, watch it now:


323 Music Group’s Jaylii is certainly making waves in the music. The Cincinnati bred rapper and songwriter has two current singles, both of which are reminders as to why she’s an artist to watch.

One being the continuation of the other, the visuals for Jaylii’s singles “Oceans” and “Hunnits” we both filmed by A Zae Production.  The fun uptempo “Oceans” shows two polar opposite Jaylii’s going through their own respective days and bumping into each other at a pool party. The visual for “Hunnits,” a more laid back track, features a sexy purge then in which one Jaylii kidnaps the other.

Check them both out below: