Don of CashOverClout’s Here This Is For You

One thing Don of CashOverClout is never in short supply of is creativity. From his music to fashion choices the Chicago lyricist keep fans one their toes and is latest display, “Here This Is For You” is a no different.

It takes a true wordsmith to intertwine subject matters the way Don did on “Here This Is For You” and frankly, it’s impressive. The song opens with what sounds like a dark, yet relatable admission of loneliness. That’s followed by a combination of typical rap scenarios and valid life lessons.

“Here This Is For You” is yet another CashOverClout/SmartMouf collaboration. Don of CashOverClout’s latest gift to his fans was produced by Ace da Vinci and mixed at Glass Tree Creative.

Don of CashOverClout & Ace da Vinci – Duke Nukem

Westside native Don of CashOverClout joined forces with Ace da Vinci and aged themselves just a bit with “Duke Nukem.”

In yet another CashOverClout/SmartMouf collaboration, Don of CashOverClout and Ace da Vinci float over an Ace da Vinci produced beat on “Duke Nukem.” Named for the video game original released in 1991, “Duke Nukem” is two minutes and 56 seconds of vibes and sounds a little like a video game.

Don of CashOverClout rightfully takes pride in his performance, declaring “lyrically, this one of the hardest songs I ever did.” A hard lyrical performance that was absolutely necessary to be befitting of the Ace da Vinci beat. Don employed a laidback flow that emphasized his lyrics without overpowering the beat.

While Ace da Vinci outdid himself in the way of production, his lyrical performance was notable as well. Ace da Vinci’s flow while completely different from Don’s was equally perfect over the beat, making “Duke Nukem” complete and reiterating that CashOverClout and SmartMouf is always a dope combination.

New Music from Don of Cash Over Clout

Don of Cash Over Clout is usually working, so it doesn’t surprise anyone when he releases songs one after the next. As February draws to a close, that is exactly what’s been happening as Don of Cash Over Clout promotes his two latest releases.

The first is a collaboration with Ace da Vinci that everyone should hear entitled ” Tango.” Produced by Ace da Vinci, “Tango” has a smooth vibe that would be incomplete without the bass arrangement performed by Caz. The combination of Ace da Vinci and Caz could be mistaken for complete, until Don comes in. Don of Cash Over Clout adds a verse to “Tango” fans didn’t even know they needed, but will very much appreciate.

The second release is Don’s own “M2 Freestyle.” Don of Cash Over Clout reminds fans that this is what he does with this simple lyrical exercise. A joint effort, “M2 Freestyle” features fellow Chicago based up and comer Hittz. “M2 Freestyle” was produced by Mall Did It.