Youngin’s Heartfelt “Letter to Ace”

Inspired to pursue music by his brothers, Youngin’s talent was recognized at an early age. “I started rapping when I was nine,” he claimed, “I had a real passion for it.”

The inspiration of his family has kept Youngin going over the years and is what lead to the penning of “Letter to Ace;” a dedication to his “brother,” Thornton Fractional North High School football star Aaron “Ace” Dunigan who died in a car accident after prom, just more than a year ago. According to Youngin is a part of his grieving process. “I had my phone and I seen old texts and I just started writing to him how I felt.”

Despite being such a heartfelt commemoration, it only took Youngin 20 minutes to write the letter. He admits finding the beat and recording the track were the more difficult tasks. “Aaron was that type of person that can bring people together and have a good time, no matter if they was beefing or not. I just wanted to make a tribute to my bro everyone can listen to.”

Listen to “Letter to Ace” on SoundCloud


Ace & Youngin