Kehlani Did It Again

It’s always a good day for an acoustic record and when it comes from Kehlani it’s even better. With that being said, today was a good day due to the premier of the Oakland songbird’s latest “Again.”

Acoustic and unmixed, Kehlani proves that her voice and lyrics are capable of standing on their own. Colorfully written with the imagery of Kehlani could create, “Again” is art for the ears. Though she doesn’t need it the groundwork for the track was laid by Geoffro, who is also responsible for producing “Honey.”

Listen now:

Kehlani – Honey

Oakland born songstress, Kehlani took to social media yesterday to announce the official premiere of her latest offering, “Honey.”

The acoustic tune about love feels like sunshine in the springtime. Unlike many of Kehlani’s previous releases about love, “Honey” is in reference to a woman, presumably the beauty who has made several appearances on her Instagram.

Sweet and simple just like its title, “Honey” is easy listening for anyone with a heart.