MT Motherlandboy

Music is a a universal language. It crosses cultures and continents, bridging gaps between the way no other from of communication can. And it’s not often that one artist creates music that merges cultures and languages from different hemispheres to bridge those gaps, but MT Motherlandboy does.

MT Motherlandboy is an Atlanta based rapper with roots in France and West Africa. The internationally raised artist was draws inspiration from a host of who’s who in hip hop including 2Pac, Jay-Z, I AM, and Lunatic. MT Motherlandboy has been perform since he was 12 and raps in French, his native language, and English.

In 2013, MT Motherlandboy founded a record label named Motherland Music and debuted his first mixtape: Coming to America. The following year, MT Motherlandboy delivered the tapes successor and in 2015 distributed in debut album The Ambassador’s Bridge under his Motherland Music imprint. Five years and three projects later MT Motherlandboy is solidifying himself as an international prodigy.

Paris born, Bamako raised and Atlanta adopted, MT Motherlandboy’s style encompasses an array of cultures and influences allowing him to reach fans some artists just cannot touch. His latest release ATL Adopted Me is available now.

Meet Stussy Yokai

Stussy Yokai is not the average artist. At 14 years old, Stussy Yokai started his music career as an artist and engineer in Savannah, GA.

Working both behind the board and the microphone, Stussy Yokai developed his own unique sound, networked, perfected his ear for music. Engineering provide the young artist with a way to spread both his name and talents throughout the industry.

Since then, Stussy Yokai has moved his talents to Atlanta, mixed and mastered more than 5000 songs, and started a record label that allows creatives to maintain full control of their own art. With creativity at the heart of what he does, Stussy Yokai prepares to release new music.

Nestled somewhere between “nothing you’ve ever heard before” and “you’ve gotta hear this” lies Stussy Yokai. Diverse subject matter, matched with colorful flows and one of a kind production make Stussy Yokai an artist the world needs to hear. With skills that allow him to keep his finger on the pulse of the music scene, Stussy Yokai is creating a wave all his own.

Be on the look out for Stussy Yokai’s new single “Energy Shield” slated to drop later this month. In the meantime check out his latest release:

Qua.litti – Omni

After relocation and a name change the artist formerly known as Mr. Mag is back. Now residing in Atlanta his new music is under the moniker Qua.litti. Never to worry Qua.litti is the same same artist fans know and love and he’s got a new album Omni, to prove it.

Still high energy, and high versatility, Qua.litti is still delivering high quality music. Despite changing cities, Qua.litti still has his finger on the pulse of the music scene. Omni combines popular sounds, creative deliveries, and a wide range of subject matter.

Omni has something everyone can appreciate: raw lyricism, slick production, and substance. Despite everything Qua.litti brings to Omni, the rapper still had room for assistance. Ash10 and Sire are among the artists who lend their talents to the nine track release.


Chapo Vuitton

Nothing says brotherly love like dropping a joint album. That’s exactly what RicosView and Rion TheRuler did with Chapo Vuitton.

Chapo Vuitton is nearly an hour of creative combinations of lyricism and vocals from the pair. The 16 track album is defined by trendy sounds and relatable subject matter.

Though RicosView and Rion TheRuler provide plenty of versatility by merging all of there own talents, Köya and Nu’ Nu Hughes only make things more interesting.

Chapo Vuitton is available now.

Tammy Rivera Delivers Fate

At midnight, Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Star Tammy Rivera released her debut EP, Fate, putting the world in its feelings.

Producer by iconic RnB producer Rico Love, Fate chronicles the highs and lows of relationships. The combination of Rivera’s angelic voice, very public relationship and the musical genius is sure to put the entrepreneur on the map.

The seven track effort, though much too short, leaves nothing to be desired. An effective combination of uptempo tracks and ballads, Rivera’s talent shines through effortlessly.


Meet J.Reign

Hailing from Chicago, by way of Atlanta, J.Reign is a man of many talents. Primarily a rapper, J.Reign’s distinctive voice and energy make him memorable, if nothing else.

Releasing his debut project The Reign Gretzky Pre-Season in 2013, J.Reign established his sound early on. His follow up effort Reign Gretzky: Hat Trick was released in 2015. Playing on his own moniker and the name of Hockey Hall of Fame inductee Wayne Gretzky for the names of his first and second projects, it is obvious that J. Reign wants his name to be associated with nothing less than greatness.

Earlier this year the performer added actor, screen writer and executive producer to his resume with the release of the short film Face Off: Chicago 2 Atlanta.

Keep up with J.Reign on social media: @ReignGretzky.

Jagged Edge is Sorry for the Layover

It looks like Jagged Edge got tired of these halfway love songs. The iconic Atlanta based group released their ninth studio album Layover.

With minimal promotion, the group announced just last month that Layover would be released in July.

Just over an hour of the rnb that Jagged Edge built their fan base on, Layover is composed of 16 tracks. Melodies and harmonies over base heavy instrumentals still define their sound and despite more than two decades in the game JE’s music is as pertinent as ever.

Check it out: Layover

Migos Created a Culture

Today marks the release of Migos second studio album, befittingly titled Culture.

It’s almost unimaginable that Migos could call their sophomore effort anything other than Culture. The trio has created their own culture and their global hit “Bad & Boujee” is a perfect indication.

Culture is 13 tracks of exactly what Migos fans would expect: money, firearms, drugs and sex. Just shy of an hour long, the effort features some of the most popular names in hip hop. In addition to Lil Uzi Vert, DJ Khaled, Gucci Mane, Travis Scott and 2Chains lend their talents to Culture. Production is a masterpiece by some the most noteable names in the game including Metro Boomin’, Nard & B, Zaytoven and 808 Mafia.

The “sophomore curse” is no concern of the Migos. Culture is certainly deserving of Childish Gambino’s Golden Globes shout out.

Culture is available worldwide.

Hustle Gang Presents #HGOE

Hip hop’s royal family is back. It’s been two years since the world has heard from T.I.’s Hustle Gang but the wait was worth it. Concluding B.E.T’s Hip Hop Awards weekend the gang premiered their latest effort #HGOE Hustle Gang Over Errrrythang.

The 16 track compilation features the Hustle Gang line up you know and love, some fresh faces and  some of Atlanta’s finest. Among those fresh faces is T.I.’s own son, Domani Harris, who makes it obvious that lyricism is the Harris family business. Future and Migos make guest appearances on the mixtape and hosting come from none othe than DJ MLK.

Hustle Gang’s third mixtape, to date certainly shows progress from their 2013 debut. Changes in the line up, as well as developement for the artists contributed to success that is #HGOE. The mixtape offers something for everyone from fans who have been with T.I. since I’m Serious to those who have yet to have their formal introduction to hip hop. 

#HGOE Hustle Gang Over Errrrythang

  1. Hustle Gang Business (feat. T.I., B.o.B., Ra Ra & Tokyo)
  2. Baller Alert (feat. T.I., Migos & Chocolate Droppa)
  3. Dope House (feat. T.I., Quavo, Ra Ra & Peanut Da Don)
  4. All of That Talk (feat. T.I., B.o.B. & Ra Ra)
  5. Dat Way (feat. B.o.B. & Peanut Da Don)
  6. Poked Out (feat. Shad da God & Lotto  Savage)
  7. Pullin’ Up (Ayo) (feat. T.I., Trae The Truth, London Jae & Ra Ra)
  8. The Wig (feat. Young Dro)
  9. Fuck Wit Me (feat. Ra Ra)
  10. She Going (feat. Yung Booke & Future)
  11. Bobby Womack (feat. T.I., Young Thug & Big Kuntry King)
  12. I’m On Now (feat. Domani Harris)
  13. Land of the Lost (feat. Trae Tha Truth & London Jae)
  14. My Familia (feat. T.I., Shad da God & Kap G)
  15. Depends (feat. Translee & Zip K)
  16. Hell Na (feat. T.I., Young Dro & Ra Ra)

A Dope Rapper: Heron Rodriguez

Hailing from L.A., but sounding and awful lot like the south artist and songwriter Heron Rodriguez delivers A Dope Rapper EP: Extras

The short album consists of six songs, all of which were produced by Karltin Banks. The project originated in Atlanta in the fall of 2015 during AC3 Fest and the BET Hip Hop Awards week. It was later completed in Los Angeles and given the name “extras”.

Released in February of 2016, the EP is still gaining notoriety from tracks like “925”. It is available in its entirety on iTunes: A Dope Rapper EP: Extras