Can Dev Walker Come Over?

If you’ve never heard the phrase “don’t rest on your laurels” let Dev Walker teach you what it means. The multitalented Chicagoan has been putting in work and today he debut his latest video “Come Over” as proof.

It’s been nearly a yearly since the release of Dev Walker’s debut Torn and it’s safe to say the singer/rapper/songwriter has been riding his on wave ever since. Dev Walker has spent the last 11 months releasing singles, recording covers and modeling, with all these accomplishments one would think he’s too busy to do anything else. Of course that isn’t so and as Dev Walker gears up to go to Los Angeles to show B.E.T. what his fans love about him, he took a moment to premier his latest video “Come Over.”

Undeniably sexy, “Come Over” is exclusively for the ladies. What was probably every female fans favorite song on Torn has just become their favorite visual as well seeing as Dev mad sure to let fans know he’s been in the gym. Though it is inevitable his female fans were the target audience for the song, the visual has something for the fellas as well. Dev co-stars alongside the gorgeous Chicago based model and cosmetologist Elliee. The Windy City serves as the perfect backdrop from sexy scenes the way only Dev and Ellie’s could come together to create. And the visual certainly bring the lyrics to life.

Kehlani Gets Crzy

img_8466What a year it’s been already for the 21-year-old California native. This passed January, the Oakland-bred beauty was linked to Cleveland Cavalier guard, now NBA champion Kyrie Irving. Two short months later, the singer, Irving and Canadian musician PartyNextDoor were the center of a media frenzy that led to her attempted suicide.

Since then, she’s back with a new look and new accomplishments. She followed her nomination for “Best New Artist” at the BET Awards with the upbeat new single “Crzy”. A declaration of her passion for life, “Crzy” is fun and fresh; everything one has come to expect from the singer/song writer.


A Dope Rapper: Heron Rodriguez

Hailing from L.A., but sounding and awful lot like the south artist and songwriter Heron Rodriguez delivers A Dope Rapper EP: Extras

The short album consists of six songs, all of which were produced by Karltin Banks. The project originated in Atlanta in the fall of 2015 during AC3 Fest and the BET Hip Hop Awards week. It was later completed in Los Angeles and given the name “extras”.

Released in February of 2016, the EP is still gaining notoriety from tracks like “925”. It is available in its entirety on iTunes: A Dope Rapper EP: Extras