Meechie Bravo is a PrettyRichGoon

Without question rap is the modern day rock and roll and artists like Meechie Bravo are the reason. His debut EP RichPrettyGoon is proof.

Meechie Bravo is a 19 year old Bronx native and his story is the perfect tale of opportunity meeting optimism. Meechie Bravo is an event host who went viral after being accused of leaking Megan Thee Stallion’s collaboration with Nicki Minaj. Meechie Bravo already had a following from his other endeavors (comedic content and custom durags), but after capitalizing on the attention gained from appearing on The Shade Room, he hosted his biggest event to date.

Inspired to make music by his father, who was also a rapper, Meechie Bravo embarked on his musical journey in 2017. Though he struggled to find his own unique sound, he has settled into what he describes as strip club music and it seems to be working well for him. Meechie Bravo’s latest video “Freak” gained 32,000 views in a week.

His EP PrettyRichGoon is about 12 minutes of sex, drugs, and money. Meechie Bravo is a far cry from the sounds rappers in New York have typically become famous for. PrettyRichGoon is seven strip club anthems reminiscent of Miami, Atlanta, and Houston.

Meechie Bravo has his sights set high. Acknowledging that he makes music that’s most popular with women, Meechie Bravo hopes to open for Megan Thee Stallion or City Girls someday.

Until then, potential fans have ample opportunities to get familiar with Meechie Bravo and his music.

B. Morgan Wants to Know Who You Love

Bronx born r’n’b singer B. Morgan knows that success comes at a cost. After years of making payments, B. Morgan is starting to reap the benefits and is sharing those benefits with the world via his latest release “Who Do You Love.”

The 29 year old teamed up with fellow singer Ronni Allen for a feel good r’n’b sound that the game has been missing. “Who Do You Love” feels like warm weather and positive vibes and the visual only reinforces that.

Remy Ma’s ShETHER

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard that Remy Ma dropped a diss track aimed at Nicki Minaj entitled “ShETHER”. 

For just less than seven minutes the Bronx bred emcee fired shots at Nicki Minaj on a plethora of subjects. The record opens with an audio clip of Nicki Minaj shouting “Free Remy!” followed by gunshots. Remy Ma made some very detailed accusations against the Cash Money rapper with a burrage of punchlines. The Love and Hip Hop star took jabs at Minaj’s body, her relationship with Meek Mill and her record deal, among other things.

“ShETHER” has received mixed reviews from the public. Hip hop fans are raving and Remy Ma’s lyricism, however some believe her delivery left something to be desired. Ethier way, Remy Ma certainly may have established herself as the dominant lyricist and made sure to remind the world that she’s a real boss in the music industry. While the Terror Squad rapper does not have the record sells or net other that Nicki Minaj has, she owns her own masters.

Listen here: