Snoop Dogg, Jacquees & Dreezy are Everything

It is certainly no secret that Snoop Dogg is multifaceted, but just in case there was ever any doubt he has a brand new single entitled “Everything.”

Hip hop’s Big Boss Dogg teamed up with two of hip hop and rnb’s current favorites, Jacquees and Dreezy for his latest. Though, Snoop Dogg is old enough to have patented the both of them. The collaboration leaves nothing to be desired. Classic Snoop Dogg flow, Jacquees’ soulful vocals and Dreezy’s style come together perfectly for a love song the way only the three of them could make.

Listen to Everything.

Kehlani Did It Again

It’s always a good day for an acoustic record and when it comes from Kehlani it’s even better. With that being said, today was a good day due to the premier of the Oakland songbird’s latest “Again.”

Acoustic and unmixed, Kehlani proves that her voice and lyrics are capable of standing on their own. Colorfully written with the imagery of Kehlani could create, “Again” is art for the ears. Though she doesn’t need it the groundwork for the track was laid by Geoffro, who is also responsible for producing “Honey.”

Listen now:

What Is China-Marie Doin?

Some colloquialisms are regional, however the rhetorical question “What is you doin?” is universal. Grammatically incorrect and 100% accurate at conveying outrage is this the perfect title for China-Marie’s latest single.

Still riding a high from the June release of her debut album Potpourri, the blonde bombshell is gearing up for the release of her next project in early 2018. “What Is You Doin?” is the first single from China-Marie’s upcoming Made In China EP and the songstress is using this release to establish herself as a boss. “What Is You Doin?” has a theme that has been heard before falling somewhere between Jennifer Lopez’s “Love Don’t Cost A Thing” and Beyoncé’s “Diva”. China-Marie lets her potential bae know his is unimpressive, she has her own.

The visual features hip hop royalty and Oakland native Too Short, who also serves as China-Marie’s mentor.

Jhene Aiko Takes Fans On A Trip

Jhene Aiko can do no wrong, so why not put out an album with no warning? The California born beauty debuted Trip today.

The 22 track offering, is nearly an hour and a half long with a star studded cast and indescribable vibes. Jhene Aiko recruited Swae Lee of Rae Sremmurd, 90’s RnB icon Brandy, Big Sean and her own daughter, Namiko Love, to lend their talents to this effort.

Trip could not be befittingly titled as the album is a high all its own. Heavy baselines and bells dance through the album beneath lyrics about love and life situations. Somewhere between a hippy and a hipster, Jhene Aiko creates a trip that can be appreciated no matter what fans’ drug of choice is.


TyCrane Gives the World Street Gospel

This week TyCrane had a lot to celebrate. The artist and entrepreneur turned 27, then debuted Street Gospel.

Though it was his birthday, TyCrane delivered a gift to the world with Street Gospel. The 13 track composition is TyCrane’s best work yet. A combination of lyricism his fans expect and the progress artists make over time, Street Gospel sounds more like TyCrane 2.0.

The improved artistry of this album was paired with the assistance of a few talented friends. Maxo and Lace Gii are just a couple of the artists who lent their talents to Street Gospel.

Stream Street Gospel now.

Snoop Dogg-What Is This

With nearly, three decades in the music industry, Snoop Dogg has seen it all. However lately, he is not pleased with the climate of hip hop and he took to the studio to let the world know. Today, the hip hop veteran debut his new single “What Is This?” and feathers will be ruffled.

Apparently, Snoop Dogg is tired of rappers using the same flows and the Big Boss Dogg isn’t afraid to say it. He teamed up with October London over a Nottz beat for a funky disapproval of the game.

So far from the hip hop climate Snoop Dogg developed his career in, one must assume there will be music lover who charge this to Snoop being out of touch. Such a controversial song is bound to catch the attention of hip hop heads young and old, perhaps newcomers will learn a thing or two about the creativity of the gangster rap era instead of riding the current wave.

Lil B’s Black Ken Has Arrived

August 16 will go down in history as the release of the release date of Lil B’s Black Ken. Originally slated for release tomorrow, yesterday the tape made its debut on Dat Piff and Apple Music, perhaps after the rapper’s three year hiatus he decided the fans didn’t need to wait any longer.

Black Ken is the rapper’s best work yet. The 27 track offering from the former The Pack lyricist display years of growth and years of perfecting his signature style. Throughout the tape fans will recognize the same off brand humor Lil B is known for as well as his progress as an artist and producer.

A cornucopia of all thing hip hop, Black Ken has a little something for everybody. The self-proclaimed rawest rapper alive, payed homage to his California roots with “Berkeley”. The old school feel will make “real hip hop heads” feel nostalgic. “Go Señorita Go” will have ladies on the dance floor. The only feature comes from Ilovemakonnen and the pair is a match made in hipster heaven.

Listen to Black Ken now.

Bryce Oliver Has No Regrets

Somewhere between Bryson Tiller and PartyNextDoor, there’s Bryce Oliver. The 20 year-old California native is making waves with his brand new single “No Regrets.”

Released just yesterday, “No Regrets” is a kind of dark ballad, but don’t let the singing fool you. Bryce Oliver is also a rapper and song writer and from the looks of things this triple threat may be getting ready to solidify his place in the music industry. 

Listen to “No Regrets”:

Kehlani is SweeySexySavage

Today, Oakland born singer/songwriter Kehlani debuted her inaugural album SweetSexySavage.

The 18 track composition has no features and was written by Kehlani. The 21-year old put her sweet, sexy and savage sides on display for this album addressing love and personal issues and sometimes just being bad.

SweetSexySavage is a hour of music for young woman who has ever felt. Kehlani proved herself to be both talented and relateble on her debut effort while taking a moment to pay homage to New Edition.
SweetSexySavage is out now.