Chimeka – Look Alive Remix

Yesterday, Chimeka took to Instagram to announce she’d be releasing new content and today she delivered. Her latest release is a remix to BlocBoy JB’s “Look Alive.”

Throwing money, eating weed out of a cereal bowl and dancing with her dog like a boss, Chimeka reminds the world that in a city full of male rappers females still hold their own. The Harvey born beauty stars in her latest video as her alter ego Murda Meek and leaves nothing to be desired.

Chimeka’s “Look Alive” remix was the perfect opportunity for the multitalented artist to establish her lyrical dominance and she did just that. So much more than a pretty face, Chimeka is a musical force to be reckoned with and if “Look Alive” is any indication of what the rest of 2018 holds her fans are in for a treat.

Netflix, The Video

What’s Valentine’s Day without a little music? Feel free to thank Chimeka for that. The multitalented performer premiered the video for her single “Netflix” today.

Both sultry and sexy, the song is perfect for Valentine’s Day. The visual comes six months after the single’s release, however it is right on time.

Starring Chimeka, “Netflix” documents what appears to be the perfect romance with a twist. The lyrically apt beauty also shares a scene with a unicorn, but it’s Chimeka what did you expect?

Samcin was the creative genius behind it all and it was captured by the lense of Phil Jordan. It’s safe to say as a pair they captured the rapper, singer, songwriter and unicorn at her best.

Grab a lighter and your lover and check out “Netflix”:

Chimeka – Cool

After much anticipation and a private live experience, Chimeka delivered the first EP of a three part saga entitled Cool.

Just shy of 20 minutes long, Cool highlights the more laidback side of the Harvey native. A compilation of easy going track coving a range of topics from love and relationships to being a stoner, Cool undoubted proof that Chimeka is starting the year on the right foot.

Despite the self-proclaimed unicorn’s multiple talents, Cool still features the talents of some other well known Chicagoans. The Boy Illinois joins the beauty for a trip down memory lane on the song “90’s Love.” “Elevator Music” is a stoner anthem and joint effort between Chimeka and quite possibly the highest guy in Chicago, Sunny Woodz. Novacane and YF Beats were also sound those who lent production to the EP.

As Chimeka fans rejoice, new fans are certainly in the making behind the release of Cool. The anticipation for the rest of the trilogy has just gone through the roof.

GLC & Chimeka Warn The World Of False Prophets

As many people wake up to the news of yet another hurricane pummeling toward the U.S. tons are taking to social media to tell the world we are in the last and evil days and Jesus is coming back. Considering the fact that the Bible is clear that people won’t know when Jesus is coming and some of them haven’t been to church in eons, it’s safe to say GLC and Chimeka’s latest release “False Prophets” has come at the perfect time.

The ism spitting activist, GLC, and the lyrical unicorn, Chimeka, are a match made in hip hop heaven. GLC’s rhymes reiterate his position as a staple in Chicago music with a sound reminiscent of earlier work with Kanye West. The slick talking rapper gives the warmest welcome for his suburban counterpart on “False Prophets,” however it wasn’t necessary. Chimeka held her own alongside GLC, immortalizing herself in Chicago’s hip hop legacy.

As if the combination of GLC and Chimeka isn’t enough to send hip hop heads into a frenzy, all of this happened over a beat produced by Novacane Muzik. As if Novacane didn’t gain enough attention after laying the groundwork for Ty Money and Bump J’s “Yes or No,” the producer may be establishing himself as the bridge between Chicago legends and the up and comers.

With that being said, its more than safe to say Chicago’s got another one. Check it out:

Sunny Woodz & Chimeka Join Forces For Elevator One

Sunny Woodz and Chimeka on the same song is a match made in stoner heaven. The pair of Harvey natives teamed up to release “Elevator One.”

Laid back and smoke themed, “Elevtor One” is nothing short of what is to be expected from the two. Chimeka, the self-proclaimed unicorn, lent both lyrical storytelling and vocals to the track. So relaxed, one could almost get high just listening, “Elevator One” was produced by none other than Zen Zan Beats.

Chimeka channels Sunny Woodz’s vibe so well, it raises some questions: could Sunny Woodz and Chimeka be the dynamic duo Chicago music needs? Does the pair have more music coming? Why is Chimeka a unicorn? Does Sunny Woodz really get everybody way too high?

Find out in another post, in the meantime listen to “Elevator One:”


It’s been said that imitation is the greatest form of flattery. If that’s true TLC should be blushing as Chicago suburb native, Chimeka prepares to release her latest effort, donning the same name as the group’s diamond selling album. 

She’s been missing for a minute, but ChinChilla Meek is back and sexier than ever. Now answering to her government name, Chimeka, the Harvey born beauty is promoting her latest single “Netflix” from the upcoming, Crazy Sexy Cool project.

Laid back to say the least, “Netflix” was produced by Big Reggie. The ideal soundtrack for a quiet night at home, “Netflix” is certainly worth a listen or two.