Corey Ether’s Art of Sage

The best thing about art is there’s no one way to create it. Corey Ether reminds the world of that with his album Art of Sage.

Art of Sage is an eight track effort named for Ether’s first child. Though less than 30 minutes long, Ether covers a multitude of topics and does so with the help of a few talented friends, including Fendi Frost.

Art of Sage is versatile and creative, with a little something for everyone. From the fun, but slightly petty “Shoutout to My Exes” to the stripper anthem “Do It,” Art of Sage is likely to keep listeners engaged.

Art of Sage

Corey Ether-Shoutout to My Exes

Usually, after a break up wishing an ex well isn’t an easy thing to do, but not for Corey Ether. The multitalented Chicagoan’s latest single, “Shoutout to My Exes,” proves he can both wish his exes well and appreciate them making him better for his next relationship.

The producer, rapper, singer and songwriter teamed up with KelzFreeAgent for just more than four minutes of ex appreciation.

Check it out: