Dev Walker Starts 2020 with Bad Lil Bih

Dev Walker has been teasing fans all month with release dates that just haven’t come to fruition. But as February winds down the rising star made good on his promise and debuted his first single of 2020 “Bad Lil Bih.”

A super sexy way to start 2020, “Bad Lil Bih” is definitely for the ladies. Though Dev Walker is equally as gifted lyrically as he is vocally, “Bad Lil Bih” is all about the vocals. The mega talented Chicagoan shares a tale of a woman who without provocation just wants to have sex with him. While Dev Walker claims he’s done nothing to encourage her behavior, he’s very clear on his intentions to oblige her.

The visual chronicles the scenario flawlessly. From their seemingly chance encounter to the moment the situation turns sour, the video is perfection. Filmed by Clark Airlines, “Bad Lil Bih” is a must see.

Dev Walker Remixes Envy Me

Fans have been holding their collect breath since Dev Walker’s March release Wait A Dev Minute. Today, they can all breathe a sigh of relief as Dev debuts the first visual, “Envy Me.”

“Envy Me” is a fan favorite, garnering more spins than anything other song on the mixtape. Dev Walker’s “Envy Me” remix is almost as beloved as 147 Calboy’s original, proving that no matter how many artists come out of Chicago, the city is never in any short supply of talent.

The minute and 23 second visual was filmed by LB Vision. Far from the Dev Walker who stole the hearts of women across the city singing at the Millennium Tour back in April. The bat wielding performer delivers flawless vocals with the precision of a rapper. Reestablishing himself as on of the most talented artists on the rise.

Dev Walker – Wait A Dev Minute

Nearly two years after his last project, Dev Walker debuts Wait A Dev Minute.

Wait A Dev Minute is a nine of Dev’s personal remixes. The rapper, singer and songwriter put his spin on some of hip hop and rnb’s most popular songs and the result is staggering.

What was originally intended to be a compilation of one minute covers somehow grew into more than 15 minutes of some of Dev’s best lyricism and vocal work to date. Though a bit different from the original vision Wait A Dev Minute is still short. Despite being short Wait A Dev Minute features no short supply of the artist’s creativity. Dev uses a combination of singing and rapping to set himself apart from the artist who created the original works and fans are sure to be appreciative.

Hardly categorized as a singer or rapper, Dev Walker is certainly an entertainer and Wait A Dev Minute is evident of that. Nestled somewhere between lyrical effectiveness and vocal hypnosis, Wait A Dev Minute reestablishes Dev Walker’s versatility.

Can Dev Walker Come Over?

If you’ve never heard the phrase “don’t rest on your laurels” let Dev Walker teach you what it means. The multitalented Chicagoan has been putting in work and today he debut his latest video “Come Over” as proof.

It’s been nearly a yearly since the release of Dev Walker’s debut Torn and it’s safe to say the singer/rapper/songwriter has been riding his on wave ever since. Dev Walker has spent the last 11 months releasing singles, recording covers and modeling, with all these accomplishments one would think he’s too busy to do anything else. Of course that isn’t so and as Dev Walker gears up to go to Los Angeles to show B.E.T. what his fans love about him, he took a moment to premier his latest video “Come Over.”

Undeniably sexy, “Come Over” is exclusively for the ladies. What was probably every female fans favorite song on Torn has just become their favorite visual as well seeing as Dev mad sure to let fans know he’s been in the gym. Though it is inevitable his female fans were the target audience for the song, the visual has something for the fellas as well. Dev co-stars alongside the gorgeous Chicago based model and cosmetologist Elliee. The Windy City serves as the perfect backdrop from sexy scenes the way only Dev and Ellie’s could come together to create. And the visual certainly bring the lyrics to life.

Dev Walker Debuts Torn

It’s been a long a long time coming, yesterday Dev Walker’s debut mixtape Torn was released.

The multitalented artist spent more than a year creating a buzz for the mixtape with singles like “Man Down” and “Nothing More I Can Say” and it was certainly worth the wait. Torn is composed of nine tracks, all of which put Dev Walker’s vocal or lyrical talents on display. 

Slightly reminiscent of the way Bryson Tiller and Tory Lanes intermittently rap and sing on songs, Dev Walker made the world aware that he has enough talent to multitask. Despite, inspiring thoughts of other artists, the Chicago native establishes a sound of his own.

Torn offers something for everybody. Songs like “Head Gone” and “Smoke Something” are male-fan friendly. While “Beautiful” and “Come Over” are sure to keep ladies convinced that Dev is singing solely to them. 

Download Torn now.

Dev Walker is Ready For War

Everyone has a story to tell and Chicago’s Dev Walker is certainly telling his through music. The athlete turned musician lets fans in on his latest single “Soldier”.

The song made its SoundCloud debut this morning. The multitalented singer and rapper spends two minutes and fifteen seconds giving fans a more personal side of Dev. He admits that he felt some kind of way because people weren’t exactly supportive of his music.

The visual made its debut on YouTube this evening, so fans could the complete “Soldier” experience. Filmed by JeffroVG, the visual is simple yet effective. 

Watch the video:

Listen to the song:

Dev Walker: Going, Going, Gone

A positive message with a melody is always in order and who better to deliver it than up and comer Dev Walker, right? This weekend the Chicagoan debuted “I’m Gone” and without a doubt fans will be going with him.

The singer/lyricist tells the world he’s in a good place and ironically it’s in his mind. More soulful than his last few singles, Dev continues to unveil more versitility with everything he does. With no necessity for a feature, he delivers strong vocals and rhymes that prove Dev Walker his a musical force to be reckoned with.

Listen on SoundCloud:

Dev Walker’s Beautiful

It’s been a hell of a year for up and comer Dev Walker this far. After two successful singles and spending his summer taking over Chicago one performance at a time, the multitalented singer, songwriter and lyricist just released his third single, “Beautiful”.

Definitely something for the ladies, the feel good track shows a different side of Dev. Certainly solidifying himself as a ladies’ man with this song, the former athlete also displayed his vocal versitility. Despite some high notes that will undoubtedly make some school girls blush, Dev didn’t hesitate to remind fans that he has bars as well.

Check it out on SoundCloud:

Meet Dev Walker

After bursting onto the music scene with “Man Down” Dev Walker is at it again with “Nothing More I Can Say”. The multitalented singer and lyricist addresses a situation everyone can relate to in new single, relationships.

On the song, Dev dives into the issues of a failing relationship, including insecurities and social media. Flexing his vocal abilities on this single, Dev is definitely establishing himself as an artist you need to know.

Check out both of this singles on ITunes and the video for his first single below: Man Down-Video